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The Benefits of Trademark Registration

22 April 2014

Here at Trademark Design Protection we provide design registration and trademark registration services to a wide range of businesses. Through our years of experience, we understand that running a business is no easy feat. Not only do you have to keep on top your stock, ensure that your staff are hitting targets and work on marketing campaigns to attract customers, you also have to be aware that your competitors could steal your ideas. To prevent this from happening we would advise that you register your trademark. Through registering your trademark you can protect the slogans you use and your logo.

If you are considering registering your trademark then you may find this blog useful, because we will be looking into its many benefits.


Having a registered trademark makes it much easier for you to take legal action against someone who has used your trademark without your permission. It also deters counterfeiters from using your trademark as trading standards officers and the police can criminally charge counterfeiters of a registered trademark. With the legalities taken into consideration a rival would be put off taking your ideas.


Having your brand listed as an official trademark can only enhance your reputation. It will appear in search results as a registered trademark in countries that the mark is registered. You will be able to officially use the ® symbol showing that your trademark is registered and protected. This will no doubt help to build recognition for your company and respect for your brand in the marketplace.   


If you leave your trademark unregistered then, despite the fact that you own the business, people will be free to exploit your good name. It could even result in your reputation being damaged. You can defend yourself against this but it will be expensive, and you will have to prove that the public is mistaking this rival product for yours. You can save on this future hassle and complication by registering.

At Trademark Design Protection we take care of your rights from the very start to the bitter finish, so whether you’re looking to protect your logo, image, symbol or anything else, make sure that you register your trademark or design with us. Feel free to get in touch with us or call us on 08450 361133 to discuss your individual requirements. We are committed to protecting your rights.