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Free Trademark Search

To give you an initial assessment as to whether your proposed trademark is available or not, we offer a free trademark search within the UK and Pan-EU trademark registry databases.

At no charge to you, we will conduct an exact word match search to see if any identical trademarks exist in the same classes as those which you require. Finding an identical match is a strong indication that your proposed application may not succeed.

Conversely, just because we do not find a match does not guarantee that your application will be successful. A trademark may also be refused if it is confusingly similar to existing trademarks in the same or similar classes.

You may want to consider getting a more detailed search before committing to the application process. For a small charge we will conduct a more detailed search on the UK and Community Trademark databases.  Contact us for more information.

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Please note that we will only search for identical UK and Community marks and the results will be provisional (insofar as we cannot guarantee against third party applications for identical marks made after the date of our search) .