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Trademark Registration Steps



Firstly we submit your application to the registry.  The application then undergoes an examination by the Registry to ensure that:

  • It is sufficiently distinctive;
  • It falls within the correct classifications;
  • If there are any similar sounding or looking marks already registered.


If youve chosen to have a search completed, then the examination results are sent to us to analyse.   We’ll then produce a report based on these results and give advice on the best way forward with your mark.  At this stage, you can decide whether or not you wish to proceed with the mark.




If you wish to proceed, then we make any necessary amendments (if any) to the application and your application proceeds to the next stage.   If you decide to withdraw at this stage, then we refund the registration costs to you.


If youve decided not to have a search conducted, your mark automatically proceeds to the next stage which is the notification stage.


Any holders of marks considered the same or similar to your own are notified of your application and invited to make an objection. If your trademark application is opposed by a third party then we will notify you of this fact. Hopefully such a situation will not arise and your application will proceed uncontested.  However, if it is opposed then we shall write to you advising you of the options available to you and asking whether you want us to defend the application on your behalf.  We would not incur any cost on your behalf in such a situation without your express authority to do so. Oppositions are quite rare.



The advertisement stage lasts for 2 months in the UK.  If an opposition or notification of opposition is received during this timeframe, this can be extended to 3 months.   This stage varies in other countries, but we will keep you updated every step of the way.



If no objections are received to your application or if the objections are dealt with, then your mark will be registered and youll receive your registration certificate in the post.